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​​Newmarket's Conservation Demand Management plan highlights the different projects that the Town of Newmarket is pursuing in relation to energy conservation.  ​

The following chart below highlights the Town of Newmarket's energy cost measures taken and savings for 2014.

​Cost Saving Measures​​$ Utility$Ops​Total Savings​​GHG Avoided/CO2 Tonnes
​Town Wide
​L5 Replace Existing Street lighting With LE​D $301,351​$316,162$617,804525.4
​Magna Centre  
​CSM L3A T5HO Redesign of Existing HID Fixtures​$25,057​$1,500​$26,557​41.4
​CSM L3B LED Redesign of Existing HID Fixtures$62,383​$5,000​$67,383​95.4
​CSM L4 Replace Outdoor Wall ​​pack Lighting with LED​$798​$346​$1,144​1.3
​CSM L6 Install Lighting Occupancy Sensors ​$234​$0​$234​0.4
​CSM L9 T5HO Redesign of Existing CFL Fixtures$1,865
​CSM L10 T8 Redesign of Existing CFL Fixtures​$1,125​$513​$1,638​1.5
​CSM L11 Replace Outdoor Parking Lighting with LED​$7,370​$4,092​$11,462​11.7
​CSM L12 LED Redesign of Existing CFL Fixtures$6,573​​$1,647​$8,220​8.5
​CSM C2 Implement CO2 ventilation control and Install VFDs$14,854$743
​CSM C4 Install VFDS and Reduce Speed After Hours$22,493
​CSM M2 Install Linkage less Boiler Controls $2,004​$100​$2,104​18.0
​CSM M10 Pool Humidity Sensor Replacement (Magna Centre)​$22,851$1,125​$23,71047.4
CSM W1 Install Flood Water Auto Fill Meter​
Ray Twinney Recreation Complex
​CSM L1 Group Relamp Existing Fluorescent Fixtures​$1,426​$121​$1,547​0.5
​CSM L2 Group Relamp Compact Fluorescent to LED​$75​$11​$86​0.1
​CSM L4 Replace Outdoor Wall pack Lighting with LED​$511​$55​$566​0.5
​CSM L13 Relamp and Reballast Existing Fixtures​$2,230​$541​$2,771​2.3
CSM W1 Install Flood Water Auto Fill Meter​$787​$0​$787​1.5
​Gorham Fire Hall
​CSM L1 Group Relamp Existing Fluorescent Fixtures​$185​$0​$185​0.2
CSM L2 Group Relamp Compact Fluorescent to LED
​Peter Gorman Pool
​CSM L1 Group Relamp Existing Fluorescent Fixtures​$136​$0​$136​0.2
​McCaffery Fire Hall
CSM L1 Group Relamp Existing Fluorescent Fixtures​$58​$0​$58​-0.1
Municipal Offices
​CSM L4 Replace Outdoor Wall pack Lighting with LED​$218​$0​$218​0.3
​Senior Meeting Place
​CSM L1 Group Relamp Existing Fluorescent Fixtures$419​$0​$419​0.4
​CSM L2 Group Relamp Compact Fluorescent to LED​$404​$0​$404​​0.4
​Project measures grand total​$477,662​$334,447​$812,109​901.3

Measures for Future Consideration (Town of Newmarket)

  • Install Glycol Pump VFD Drives The existing glycol pumps at the Magna Centre are constant flow pumps equipped with 30 horsepower motors. 
  • Install Reverse Osmosis Soft Water Systems: The installation of reverse osmosis soft water systems were considered for the Magna Centre and Ray Twinney​ Centre. 
  • Install SCR Modification to Existing Electric Coil: Modulating control was considered for implementation on the existing electric heating coil on RTU-8. The existing electric heating coil is equipped with four banks of heaters.  

Other Resources

For more information, please contact the Town of Newmarket at 905-895-5193