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​​The Town of Newmarket is subject to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection Privacy Act (MFIPPA). 

The purpose of the MFIPPA is to provide a right of access to information under the control of institutions in accordance with the principles that information should be available to the public and that individuals have a right to privacy.

What kind of information can be requested? ​

MFIPPA gives everyone a right of access to most recorded information held by government organizations.

A record is defined as any record of information however recorded that can be read or reproduced. Records are both electronic and paper based and can contain information on any subject. Every department is responsible for maintaining their own records according to the Town's Records Retention Policy. This includes Central York Fire Services, but does not include the Newmarket Public Library​. Click here for the Library's Privacy Statement. 

Anyone can request information or records from the Town on any subject. A formal request may or may not be necessary. See our Routine Disclosure page for more information.

If you are requesting your own personal information from the Town you should contact the department responsible for the relevant program or service. All personal information collected or maintained by the Town is collected and maintained according to the Town's Protection of Personal Information Policy and the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

If you do not know what department is responsible for the program or service your information is collected or used for, please contact Customer Service and you will be transferred to the appropriate department. Departmental staff will then determine if the records can be released by them or whether a formal Access Request is required.

For more information on how to submit a formal request, view our Freedom of Information and Privacy request page.