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​​​​​Recreation Youth Centre and Skate Park. 56 Charles Street L3Y 3V8​​​

Welcome to the Recreation Youth Centre & Sk8 Park, also known as the RYC! This Centre offers children and youth a safe place to hang out with friends and participate in as much or as little as they like. The RYC is proud to offer both drop-in and registered programs. 

Drop In With Us!

Games: Ping Pong, Pool, Shuffleboard, Air Hockey, Foosball Skate Park: Skateboard, Scootre, Rollerblading Open Gym: Basketball, Volleyball, Ball Hockey and much more

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Our Facility Features

  • Sk8 Park - large indoor Sk8 Park with 10,000 square feet of ledges, stairs, rails, gaps, boxes, banks, custom ramps, a wall ride with five feet of vert and a 32 foot wide mini-ramp.
  • Gymnasium 
  • Games Area - pool table, tabletop shuffleboard, air hockey tables foosball, table tennis, large screen TV, Video Game System, WiFi, and assorted board games. 


When using the Sk8 Park the following equipment is:


  • Scooter, skateboard or roller blades. (Not permitted: Bicycles, longboards, and RipStiks)
  • Skateboard helmet, multi-sport helmet or hockey helmet (Not permitted: Bike helmets)
  • Closed toe shoes


Padding (examples: elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards, etc.)

Mouth Guard

Youth Centre Fees & Sk8 Park Session Fees

Youth Centre Fees​
​Member Day Pass
​Non-Member Day Pass
(specialty programs and events may have additional charges)
Sk8 Park Session Fees
​Ages 12 & under
​$5 includes tax
​Member (ages 13+)
​$5 includes tax
​Non-Member (ages 13+)
​$6 includes tax 

(Helmets are mandatory when using the Sk8 Park)


​2018 Session Fee - Multi-Pass Price

​10 Passes
20% off
20 Passes
25% off
30 Passes
30% off
100 Passes
55% off
12 & under​
​13+ Member
13+ Non-Member​$48​​$90

Registered Programs & Competitions 
Whether you're interested in Sk8 & Scooter Lessons, Cooking classes, Yoga, Zumba, After School Sport Programs or competitions, we've got you covered!

For all information:

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To register:

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FAQs - You've asked. We've Answered.

Do you offer private and semi-private skateboard or scooter lessons at the Recreation Youth Centre & Sk8 Park (RYC)?

Yes! Private skateboard and scooter lessons are available based on park and instructor availability. To set up a private or semi-private lesson, please call 905 953 5300 ext 2828. 

Can I host a birthday party at the RYC?

Yes! The RYC is an exciting venue for birthday parties. You can focus your event on the an activity such as skateboarding and scootering in the Sk8 Park, or Tactical Nerf Tag in the gym. To book your party call 905 953 5300 ext 2608.

Can I rent the RYC for my next community or school event?

Yes! The RYC is a great place to create exciting fun special events. To discuss your options or to book a room, please contact the RYC.

Can I volunteer at the RYC? 

Yes! Our volunteers assist with special events, organize activities and support programs! Volunteer with us to complete your co-op or high school requirement. Come in to the RYC to fill out a Volunteer Application. 

Will children be supervised while visiting the RYC?

Registered programs: Children will only be fully supervised during our registered recreation programs. 

Drop-in programs: Supervision is limited to the availability of staff at the RYC. While participating in a drop-in program at the RYC, it is expected that a parent/guardian will remain on the premises to ensure appropriate supervision of those 9 years and younger.