​​​​​Message fr​​​om the Mayor

On behalf of Newmarket Council, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Town of Newmarket through our Economic Development website. This website is a portal to your business success in our community that values supporting local businesses and creating international partnerships. This approach is just one of the many reasons why Newmarket is recognized as one of the top ten communities to live in Canada. 

Newmarket Council and staff have worked together to create a strategic framework for corporate action guided by five key themes to achieve our vision of a community that is Well beyond the ordinary These themes are:


  • Economic Development & Jobs​
  • Enhanced Recreational Opportunities
  • Community Engagement
  • Efficiency / Financial Management
  • Traffic Safety & Mitigation


These five themes are the cornerstone of our future success, and are supported by 14 Strategic Priorities that Council will focus on for this term.

As you browse this site and the Town site, you will see what makes Newmarket a top ten community, but what is most important is hard to capture in words. Our community continues to evolve and become more dynamic and diverse. Like a quilt, Newmarket's tapestry will become stronger, more colourful and unique, as we weave the fabric of a livable community. A heartfelt thank you to our residents, staff, community partners, businesses, and my fellow Council members – it is your efforts and inspiration that have made us one of the best places in Canada.

Newmarket Council 2016.jpg    

Photo from left to right: Councillor Tom Vegh, Councillor Dave Kerwin, Councillor Jane Twinney, Councillor Tom Hempen, Mayor Tony Van Bynen, Regional Councillor and Deputy Mayor John Taylor, Councillowr Bob Kwapis, Councillor Kelly Broome and Councillor Christina Bisanz.