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​Ever wonder how Davis Drive became Davis Drive, or Memorial Way got its name?

Newmarket has a long history of commemorating its heritage through street names. 


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On May 16, 2016 Newmarket Council adopted a new Street Naming Policy to guide how future streets will be named. As Newmarket continues to develop, new streets will be required. As part of the Town's commitment to commemorating its heritage, streets are named after significant people, events, and subjects related to Newmarket's history.

We are always accecpting new street name suggestions. 

In order to submit a suggestion for a future street name, please submit:

  • The proposed name
  • A description as to how it meets the criteria
  • Any relevant supporting documentation (biographies, historical records, newspaper clippings, etc)
  • Your contact information

The criteria for a new street name include:

  • Names must relate to local individuals/families posthumously who:
    • Have had a considerable relationship with the Town, and/or
    • Have made a significant social, political or cultural contribution to the Town, or
    • Other names of historical significance.
    • Names for large developments (e.g. residential and/or industrial subdivisions) will be themes of local, regional, provincial or national significance. 
 ​​​Proposed street names should not have any of the following characteristics:
  • Generic names, such as Bay Street
  • Names with undesirable definitions or pronounced or spelled similar to undesirable words
  • More than one word; unless a given name is necessary in addition to a surname to avoid duplication
  • The re-use of a first word in a street name
  • Discriminatory or derogatory names
  • Advertising
  • Re-use of former street names
  • Names of existing institutions, parks, facilities, enterprises, service clubs or similar organizations, lands or structures.
  • Sound alike/similar street names are prohibited (e.g. Lynx and Links) 
You can email your submissions to​. Thank you for your interest in celebrating Newmarket's heritage!

For the process of how street names are used and chosen for particular streets please see the Street Naming Policy