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​The Corporate Asset Management Plans are a long-term strategic plans that ensure good planning and financial management. Asset Management (AM) Plans guide Newmarket’s processes to reflect accountable governance of its municipal infrastructure. The plans provide an understanding of current and future asset needs, conditions and costs, service levels, risks and future growth planning and funding. 

The AM plans are a living document that will be reviewed and updated as the environment changes. This includes considering and incorporating standards, adding new data, updates that demonstrate continuous improvement, changing demographics and trends, provincial policy, and corporate documents and studies. At a minimum, the plans will be reviewed annually and updated every five years as mandated by O.Reg 588/17.

The 2021 Corporate Asset Management Plan includes five core asset specific plans completed at the end of December 2021. in 2024, the Town completed a Parks Asset Management Plan and a Facilities Asset Management Plan to address its non-core assets. In 2025, the core and non-core assets will be combined.

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