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Filming in Newmarket is regulated under the Town’s Film Bylaw 2023-19

This By-law requires that any person wishing to film within Newmarket obtain a film permit through the Town’s Licensing Division. In addition to the requirement to obtain a film permit, this By-law requires that any person participating in a film project comply with a number of regulations. 

The logistics of obtaining a film permit and coordinating a film project can appear complicated. Please review the Film Handbook that will provide more information to those looking to film in Newmarket, including key aspects to the Town's filming regulations. 

Are you a local film production company?

Are you a Non-Local Film Production Company requiring a Film Permit?

Please note that a Notice of Intent Form is required to be submitted in advance to propose filiming:

  • 21 days in Special Film Zone (SFZ): Main Street Business Improvement Area 
  • 14 days in General Film Zone (GFZ)

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Contact Information

​Town of Newmarket
Legislative Services Department

Attn: Licensing
395 Mulock Drive
PO Box 328, Stn. Main
Newmarket, ON L3Y 4X7
905-895-5193 ext. 2206

Central York Fire Services
Attn: Fire Prevention Officer
905-895-1900 (fax)
York Regional Police
Attn: Paid Duty Coordinator
905-895-7264 (fax)
Region of York
Attn: Transportation Services Department
1-877-464-9675 ext. 75700
905-895-3047 (fax)

Further Information

For further information on the film permit process, including fees, contact Licensing at 905-953-5300, ext. 2221 or