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 School Safety 

With children returning to school, it is important to prepare your child with some traffic and safety tips before returning to the classroom. It's also important for all drivers to be alert and cautious this month as we shift into school gear and more children are on the streets.

Here are some reminders from Newmarket's safety mascot, Safety Cone Sam:

Walking to school
  • Always cross the street at school crossing guard locations or at intersections.

    • Crossing guards will be wearing masks/face coverings and will not be using whistles during the 2020 school year. 

    • Pay extra attention and look for the crossing guards' stop sign and signals before proceeding through a school zone.

  • Be patient and take your direction to walk from the pedestrian signals, not the lights.

  • Be alert, pay attention to your surroundings and avoid using any mobile device or wearing headphones that will distract you while crossing the street.

  • If you aren't sure you have enough time to cross, don't take the chance – wait for the next signal.

  • Remain physically distanced (6 ft./2m. apart) and wear a mask/face covering when physical distancing is not possible to stop the spread of COVID-19.  

Driving to school
  • Watch for other children and pedestrians.

  • Remember to stay alert, pay attention to the speed limit and slow down when children are near the road or you're driving through residential or school areas.

  • Be cautious when turning into any intersection and slow down on residential streets and school zones where children might be walking or playing.

  • Be alert and use caution when approaching intersections, crosswalks and stopped transit buses.

  • Pay attention and don't drive distracted. Some pedestrians may be walking against their signal and not paying attention.

  • Use drop-off and pick-up zones on designated school property - these are separate from school bus loading and unloading areas. Not all school sites are designed with a drop-off and pick-up zone, please check with your child's school for more information

Cycling to school
  • Remember to always wear your helmet.
  • Stay alert and keep your eyes on the road.
  • Know your hand signals to communicate with other motorists. To learn more about cycling hand signals, visit

 If you spot dangerous or aggressive driving behaviour, report it to the York Regional Police's Road Watch Program. This program provides residents with the means to report dangerous or unlawful driving behaviour such as speeding, unsafe lane changing, disobeying traffic lights and stop signs. If the driving behaviour is an immediate threat to human safety, call 911.