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#ShareNewmarketTrails is a campaign dedicated to ensure all trail users have a great experience on our trails. With more users on the trails due to the pandemic, it is important that we show compassion, patience and are mindful of our actions when on the trails. Everyone’s comfort level on the trails is different so let’s do our part and keep Newmarket’s trails safe and enjoyable for all. 

Each week, we will be sharing safety tips and reminders for all trail users along with a challenge or fun activity. Check back often or follow the Town of Newmarket on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more information. 

Week 4: Mind your pets. Keep them leashed.

Our furry-legged friends love the trails but not all trail users know how to act around our pets and vice versa. Remember to keep your pets on a short leash at all times in public spaces. A short leash allows you to keep your dog close and under control and help prevent uncomfortable run-ins with others especially during the pandemic when safe physical distancing is important at all times. Mind your pets, keep them leashed and make fido a great trail ambassador.

Mind your pets. Keep dogs leashed.

#ShareNewmarketTrails Challenge: 

Share a photo of your four-legged trail ambassador with us. Don't forget to tag @TownofNewmarket and use #ShareNewmarketTrails.

Week 1: Use Safe Speeds
Use Safe Speeds. Gauge your speed and put others first.
Trails allow all users (cyclists, walkers, joggers, families with small children, and dog walkers) to move at their own pace. Everyone’s comfort level on the trails is different. What feels safe for you doesn’t necessarily mean it feels safe for everyone else. Use your best judgement and be mindful of others. Using safe speeds means you are putting the needs of others above your own and practicing compassion and respect - all great traits we need to continue to practice especially during the pandemic where many are heading outdoors for exercise and mental health. Be mindful of others, put others first and keep the trails safe and enjoyable for all!

#ShareNewmarketTrails Challenge: 

Going for a bike ride this week? We challenge you to make use of the bike lanes all around Town. Why? Bike lanes are less busy than a traditional trail that is supporting all types of users and you get to use the lane all to yourself! Best part? Bike lanes connect to all parts of Town. Check out all the bike lanes available in Newmarket. 

#ShareNewmarketTrails Quiz: Think you know the rules of cycling? Complete this cycling quiz to see how well you know your rules.
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Week 2: Be Alert

Week 2: Be alert 

Everyone likes to enjoy the trails differently. Some like to go solo in silence, listen to music or chat with those in their households. Staying alert and aware of your surroundings helps create a safe trail experience for all and makes your actions more predictable for other trail users to act accordingly. 

Always looking behind you before changing directions or passing another trail user. Keep to the right and pass to the left. If you are using headphones, keep the volume low or with one earbud out. Wheels yield to heels - bikers and rollerbladers should yield to walkers and runners. Slower and more vulnerable trail users should get the right of way. Be a good role model and help keep the trails safe and enjoyable for all. 

#ShareNewmarketTrails Challenge: What is your ultimate walking / working out song playlist when using the trails? Share your favourite tunes with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Don't forget to tag @TownofNewmarket and use #ShareNewmarketTrails 

Be Alert. Stay in tune to your surroundings on the trails. Keep your senses in check and respect everyone's trail journey.

Week 3: Take the Trail Less Travelled

Week 3: Take the trail less travelled

We challenge you to take the trail less travelled. Tom Taylor Trail along Fairy Lake may be the most popular trail in Newmarket, but did you know we have a wide range of other trails you can visit as well? Have you visited the Dave Kerwin Trail on Gilpin Drive, or one of the trails within York Region’s Forest Tract? There are over 2,400 hectares of protected land, and 23 properties with more than 150 km of trails for the public to use. 

With more people heading outdoors for much needed exercise and for mental health purposes during the pandemic, the Tom Taylor Trail has gotten extremely busy and has made it extremely difficult to ensure safe physical distancing can be maintained at all times. Help keep the trails safe for all by taking the trail less travelled or consider going at off-peak times. 

#ShareNewmarketTrails Challenge: Share your favourite trail route with us on social media an tell us why! Don't forget to tag @TownofNewmarket and use #ShareNewmarketTrails on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Take the trail less travelled. Ever been to Dave Kerwin Trail or York Region's nearby forest tract? Explore different routes!