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Newmarket's water rates for 2022

For more information, please contact the Customer Service department at 905-895-5193 or by email at [email protected]

​Utility Rates
​2023 Rates
​2022 Rates
​2021 Rates


​Volumetric Rate
(per 100 cubic feet)
(per cubic metre)
(per 100 cubic feet) 
(per cubic metre) 
(per 100 cubic feet)
(per cubic metre) 

​Flat Rate - no meter (monthly)

​Basic Charge (monthly)

​2" Meter Monthly Charge 

​​3" Meter Monthly Charge 

​​4" Meter Monthly Charge 

6" Meter Monthly Charge

8" Meter Monthly Charge

​10" Meter Monthly Charge


​Volumetric Rate
(per 100 cubic feet)
(per cubic metre)
(per 100 cubic feet)
(per cubic metre) 

(per cubic metre) 

​Flat Rate - no meter (monthly)

​Basic Charge (monthly)

2" Meter Monthly Charge 

3" ​Meter Monthly Charge 

​4" Meter Monthly Charge

​6" Meter Monthly Charge

​8" Meter Monthly Charge

​10" Meter Monthly Charge 

Rates for the Average Industrial, institutional and commercial customer 

Average Bill
​2023 Rates
​2022 Rates 2021 Rates ​
​200 Cubic metres annual average consumption     
​2" Industrial, institutional, Commercial customer
​3" Industrial, institutional, Commercial customer​$38,175.00

4" Industrial, institutional, Commercial customer 

Tiered water rates

Newmarket Council has approved a tiered water rate structure in 2017 where the larger the consumers' water meter, the more the consumer will pay. This structure will phase-in over a four-year period beginning July 2017. 

The Town is moving towards a water rate structure because of a decrease in water consumption in the recent years. While this is beneficial to the environment and aligns with the Town's commitment to environmental sustainability, most of the costs associated with maintaining the water system - like water quality testing and water main repairs remain the same. As a result, the tiered water rate structure will ensure a fair user-pay system. 

The average resident and two thirds of businesses will not be affected by the new tiered water rate structure. Businesses with larger water meters will be impacted the most. This is because customers with large water metres consume more water, therefore will be required to pay more for consumption under the new rate structure. These users also put greater strain on the water and wastewater infrastructure due to expensive maintenance and replacement costs to large water metres. This new structure will go a long way in making water and wastewater more affordable for residences and small businesses in subsequent years.

The tiered water rates will be phase-in over four years following the standardized meter equivalency factor set by the American Water Works Association​.​

For more information on the tiered water rate structure, please call 905-895-5193.


​​​​​​​​To learn more about our water system visit, www.york.ca/wateris. Explore a variety of frequently asked questions about our drinking water and wastewater and watch behind the scenes videos on where our drinking water comes from, how it is treated, and the highly-trained people behind our system.​