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​​​​Newmarket is becoming an Intelligent Community by developing an ultra high-​speed internet corridor in the community. The Town realizes this is no longer a 'nice to have' for technology-based business, it is integral as the platform to drive future growth of the community.

Newmarket is among cities like Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, San Francisco, Singapore and Kansas City, who also realize the strong economic benefits of available fibre infrastructure​.

​The gigabit corridor (fibre network) will span Newmarket's Main Street, Davis Drive health corridor and the Leslie Street/Harry Walker Parkway employment area. The opportunities and strategic advantages of ultra-high-speed and competitively-priced internet are endless. Ultimately this will position Newmarket on a world stage, and bring the world to Newmarket's doorstep.

The potential benefits of an unltra-high-speed network include:

  • Attraction and retention of local, national and international businesses and high value business sector/creative class jobs
  • Increased property values
  • Countless new public and private sector opportunities
  • Highly improved/more efficient access to integral technologies (cloud-based, Skype, video conferencing, VoIP)

A quote from Ottawa Life Magazine appluading Newmarket's push for ultra-high-speed internet.