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As of October 17, 2018, consumers are able to purchase cannabis online through the Ontario Cannabis Store. Meanwhile, there is no change to the legislation pertaining to medical use of cannabis.

At this time, Council has voted to opt-out of private cannabis retail stores in Newmarket.

Special Council Meeting on Cannabis Retail Locations

At its Special Council Meeting on January 15, Newmarket Council voted to opt-out of private cannabis retail stores in Town. The Town of Newmarket will be taking a measured approach to this topic, and will review and revisit Council's decision in a years time. By then, Council hopes more information will be available and can learn from the experiences of the municipalities that have opted-in. 

Staff were also directed to prepare amendments or new by-laws as required and return to Council with recommendations as to how the smoking and vaping of cannabis should be regulated in Newmarket. 

Special Committee of the Whole Meeting on Cannabis Retail Locations

A Special Committee of the Whole meeting was held on January 7 to discuss options around opting in or opting out of private cannabis retail stores in Newmarket. Prior to this meeting, the Town consulted the public and received feedback through an online survey, a phone survey, a Public Information Centre and written comments. During the Committee of the Whole meeting, staff presented a report and members of the public provided deputations on the matter. Following discussion, Committee supported an alternate motion to opt-out of private cannabis retail stores in Newmarket. The resolution also directed staff to report back in one year's time to provide further information. A special Council meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, January 15 at 7 p.m. for Council to approve this recommendation. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.


The online and telephone survey on private retail cannabis stores and Town by-laws in Newmarket is closed. Staff have reviewed all feedback and compiled the information into a report to Council which was presented at the Special Committee of the Whole meeting on January 7, 2019 

Public Information Centre

A Public Information Centre on cannabis legislation was held on December 12. A Video Recording of the Public Information Centre and Presentation are available on the Agendas and Minutes page. 

For more information on the status of the Towns decision on opting in or opting out of private cannabis retail stores in Newmarket, please call 905-895-5193.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy cannabis in Newmarket?
No. The Ontario Cannabis Store website will be the only legal option for purchasing recreational cannabis for individuals 19 years of age and older in Newmarket. Visit for more information.
Will Newmarket have cannabis retail locations?
At its Special Council meeting on January 15, Newmarket Council voted to opt-out of private cannabis retail stores in Town. 
Is smoking in parks and public places permitted?
Enforcement falls within the jurisdiction of York Region Public Heath (for medical use) and York Regional Police (for recreational use). York Region, Public Health, Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes Control Officers will enforce the current Smoke Free Ontario Act, 2006 and the Electronic Cigarettes Act 2015. Officers will enforce the proposed Smoke Free Ontario Act, 2017. For more information, you may contact one of the phone numbers below: York Region: 1-877-464-9675 York Regional Police non-emergency line: 1-866-876-5423

Additional Information

The following are links to information about the cannabis legislation, answers to Frequently Asked Questions and formal documents that were compiled by the Town: