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​​​​​​​Zoning by-laws are a set of regulations under the Planning Act. Zoning by-laws address matters like how land and buildings are used, building heights and size, density, paring, lot sizes, driveways, landscaping, and more. 

For questions about how to find out what the zoning is for a property, try the "What's My Zoning?" guide.

  • If you are looking for zoning in the Yonge Street & Davis Drive area that appears in bright blue and is largely comprised of Mixed Use (MU) zones on the Navigate Newmarket Map, read Zoning By-law 2019-06 here.
  • If you are looking for zoning in the Oak Ridges Moraine area that appears in dark green on the Navigate Newmarket Map, please contact the Planning Department
  • If you are looking for zoning for a property that is in the rest of Newmarket and includes most Residential (R), Commercial (C), Employment (EM/EG/EH), read Zoning By-law 2010-40 online here.
​Zoning By-laws
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January 2019: Council has adopted an Interim Control By-law that limits the ability to expand, rebuild, or add to many residential properties while a study on changes to the zoning by-law is undertaken. For more details, see this page.