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The Town aims to clear 100 per cent of all sidewalks, walkways, and paved trails in Newmarket as noted in the Sidewalk Snow-Clearing Program. 

About the Sidewalk Snow-Clearing Program

During the 2015 Budget process, Newmarket Council approved a phased-in sidewalk snow-clearing program that will clear 100 per cent of all sidewalks, walkways and paved trails in Newmarket (pending budget approval each year). 

Sidewalks constructed after 2013 are considered growth and will be added to the sidewalks snow-clearing list separately. This is because most sidewalks within new subdivisions have not be assumed by the Town

Please view our  Sidewalk Snow Clearing FAQ for more information on sidewalk snow clearing in Newmarket. 

​Sidewalk Snow-Clearing reminder 

Adjacent property owners whose sidewalks are not on this year's sidewalk-clearing routes are reminded to clear their sidewalks from ice and snow as outlined in Newmarket's Snow-Clearing By-law 1996-38.

Property owners are also encouraged to help aid the Town in clearing sidewalks adjacent to their property. When clearing snow adjacent to your property, remember not to shovel snow on the street. Be a good neighbour and lend a hand to those who are physically unable to shovel or have difficulty leaving their home due to snow or ice. 

Property owners whose sidewalks are on the snow-clearing sidewalk list are asked to ensure that any landscape features (driveway curbs, sprinkler heads, gardens or shrubs) are positioned at least 45 cm or 18" away from both sides of the sidewalks so they do not interfere with sidewalk snow-clearing operations. 

Any sod along the sidewalk also needs to be 'edged' to avoid tearing when the sidewalk snowplows make their way through your neighbourhood.​

Edge your sod and ensure landscape features are not hanging over the sidewalk


It is recommended that property owners edge their sod and ensure that all landscape features are not hanging over the sidewalk. Doing so will help prevent damage to their lawn/boulevard/landscape feature in the winter, when sidewalk snowplowing operations are in effect.

The Town recommends that property owners follow these steps:
  • Check and locate your property line and ensure nothing is placed on the Town’s road allowance
  • Check to see if sod on your lawn has overgrown onto the sidewalk
  • Edge any overgrown sod from the sidewalk back to the edge
  • Check to see if your driveway curb/landscape feature is hanging over the sidewalk. If so, the recommended distance from the sidewalk is 18 inches.

Overgrown sod that isn’t edged can get caught on sidewalk snow plowing machines, causing damage to your lawn. Landscape features that aren’t set back from the sidewalk edge can also be damaged during sidewalk snow plowing operations. This is because the blades on sidewalk snow plowing machines need to be relatively close to the same size as the sidewalk surface in order to clear as much surface as possible and to effectively plow deep snow when required. 

The Town recommends having landscape features set at least 18 inches back from the sidewalk edge. This distance creates a safety zone for pedestrians that may need to step off the sidewalk, as well as keeping the operator and your property safe.​

Installing sidewalk snow markers 

Sidewalk snow markers (a.k.a. snow stakes) are thin poles you insert into the ground to identify edges of your lawn that become covered by snow during the winter. These snow markers act as visual aids/guides for sidewalk snow plow operators when plowing the sidewalk in your neighbourhood. Having a visual aid will signal to the operator, where the edge of your lawn is, ultimately helping to prevent damage to the sod made by the sidewalk snow plow.

Where to install sidewalk snow markers?

The installation of the sidewalk snow markers depends on the layout of your property. Generally, residents can install these markers 8cm (3 inches) from the edge of the sidewalk and along your property (4.5m/15ft. apart) where a sidewalk snow plow could potentially damage your sod. It is recommended that residents install the sidewalk markers as soon as possible before the ground becomes frozen. View our guide to properly install sidewalk snow markers on your property. 

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