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Active School Travel Program (AST) was introduced in September 2021 partner with York Region, Smart Commute Central York, the York Region District School Board and the York Region Catholic School Board. This active transportation pilot project includes visible infrastructure components to get kids walking or scooting and to help increase the safety of pedestrians in school areas. 

Red Curb Painting.jpgMarker Sign.jpgSchool Zone- Pavement Marking.jpg

Red curb paintings, marker signs at 5, 10 and 15 minute walking distances to schools, school zone pavement markings, and stylized stencils on sidewalks can be found at the following school areas as chosen by York Region and the York Region District/Catholic School Board:

  • Stonehaven Elementary School (875 Stonehaven Avenue)
  • Notre Dame Catholic Elementary School (715 Kingsmere Avenue)
  • St. Elizabeth Seaton Catholic Elementary School (960 Leslie Valley Drive)
  • Alexander Muir Public School (75 Ford Wilson Boulevard)
  • Prince Charles Public School (684 Srigley Street)
  • Maple Leaf Public School (155 Longford Drive)

The Town will continue to monitor the results of this initiative to expand this program to other school zones in the future. This program is funded entirely by York Region. For more information, please see the information report

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