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Stormwater Rebate Program 

​The Town of Newmarket thanks residents for being environmentally conscious. To extend our appreciation, the Town is partnering with a community organization, (LEAF) Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests and the Regional Municipality of York to offer highly subsidized backyard tree plantings to Newmarket residents as part of the Stormwater Rebate Program. 

Any Newmarket resident who would like a backyard tree can contact LEAF directly. The Town will cover an additional $100 towards the purchase prices of one tree per property through this already subsidizied Backyard Tree Planting Program. Homeowners replacing an ash tree due to damage from Emerald Ash Borer may also be eligible for an additional rebate.

​Why are trees important? 

Trees have many benefits, including providing stormwater management services. On average, a tree reduces a property's stormwater runoff by 720 litres. A rain barrel can hold around 200 litres. Beyond stormwater management benefits, trees remove pollutants from the air, reduce residents' energy and water usage and beautify our community. Trees also intercept rainfall, decrease stormwater runoff and increase the ability for water to soak into the ground. 

Consider planting a tree with LEAF and save an extra $100 on the purchase price. Every tree planted contributes to our urban forest while providing many environmental and health benefits.

This program has the potential to help our community plant more trees in the community and divert​ 36,000 litres from our stormwater management system.

Note that properties must meet LEAF's space and access requirements. Only 50 trees will be subsidized in 2020. 

Emerald Ash Borer Tree Rebate 

Residential and business property owners in York Region replacing their dying, dead or removed ash trees with LEAF (Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests) may be eligible for a $100 Emerald Ash Borer rebate from York Region. Residents may apply for the Full Service Tree Planting Program or the Do-It-Yourself Tree Planting Program. There is a limit of five rebates per property and rebates are issued on a first come, first served basis due to limited supply. Restrictions apply. Learn more and apply online at

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Please contact LEAF directly to arrange for the planting of your new tree.