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About the Newmarket Energy Efficiency Retrofit (NEER) Business Case 

The Newmarket Energy Efficiency Retrofit (NEER) business case is a municipal initiative designed for Newmarket residents to retrofit their homes and save on energy all while lowering the community's total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. NEER is seeking to implement Newmarket's Community Energy Plan (CEP) by creating an Entity that delivers high-quality residential energy efficiency retrofit services using local contractors and public/private financing mechanisms. The NEER Business Case development project has two tracks. One track will provide an analysis of the many variables involved in scaled-up building retrofits. The second track is an engagement process that will inform and consult with community stakeholders.

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How Much are We Paying for Energy? 

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There are 29,000 homes in Newmarket with the residential sector consuming 4.3 million gigajoules (GJ) of energy in just 2017 alone. This contributed to over 126,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and, of the 4.3 million GJ, 31% was lost before ever reaching Newmarket homes. Depending on the house's characteristics (i.e. age, size and building envelope) residents could be paying far more for energy than required. 

Newmarket residents spend a combined total of $74 million a year on water, electricity, and gas. Through the NEER program, the CEP aims to reduce this cost by 30% to 50%.


To retrofit 80% of the homes in Newmarket. In return, the community will:

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Increased Energy Eff1.JPG

1. Increase residential efficiency by 35%

2. Lower carbon emissions by 60%

3. Increase water efficiency by 20%

What to Expect from the NEER Business Case

NEER focuses on providing reliable and efficient energy solutions through smart technology and sustainable retrofitting practices. In return, these benefits will unify the community and push the town closer to achieving the goals outlined by the Community Energy Plan.

If NEER is operational, residents will be able to speak with an advisor who will offer fixed retrofit packages that will include a wide variety of high energy efficiency services. These services will be handled by trained professionals quickly and with little to no disruptions to consumers' daily lives. The NEER working group is currently working on putting together core retrofit packages that include, but not limited to:

  1. Weatherization of building envelope
  2. Attic insulation upgrades 
  3. HVAC upgrades of furnaces, boilers & A/C
  4. Low-flow faucets, showers & toilets
  5. Domestic hot water upgrades
  6. Window upgrades
  7. LED lighting upgrades
  8. Comfort control
It is important to note that the NEER business case is still in the development phase and the above information is subject to change.  

Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) Meetings
General Topics​
​Supporting Documents
SAG #1​
​November 29, 2018
​CEP Review 
Project Overview
Roles & Responsibilities
Business Review & Framing Goals
1. Agenda
2. Meeting Notes
3. Community Communique
​SAG #2
​January 17, 2019

​Retrofit Review
Understanding the Residential Energy Retrofit Market/Customer

​1. Agenda
​SAG #3
​March 19, 2019
​Business Model Options 
Engagement Review

​1. Agenda
2. Meeting Notes 
3. Community Communique
​SAG #4
​June 25, 2019
​Draft NEER Business Case Review
Engagement Review

1. Agenda
2. Meeting Notes 
​SAG #5
​August 13, 2019
​Final NEER Business Case (Approval)

1. Agenda
2. Meeting Notes

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