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Thursday, August 29, 2024 | 8 p.m.
Newmarket Riverwalk Commons (200 Doug Duncan Drive) 

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Join us for an evening of musical performances by very talented artists in a unique setting as we transform the Mercedes-Benz Newmarket Skating and Water Feature into a beautifully lit stage complete with a baby grand piano. Be sure to complete your summer with this memorable event. 

Please check back for an announcement about our featured artists. 

Photos from Splash of Culture 2023: 

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Check out Splash of Culture 2021 below! 


Past Event Information: 

Thursday, August 31, 2023 | 7:30 to 10 p.m. 

An evening of musical performances by talented musical artists in a unique setting as we transformed the Mercedes-Benz Newmarket Skating and Water Feature into a beautifully lit stage complete with a baby grand piano. 

The Irv at the George and Square Spoon will be on site with food and drink available for purchase.

Featured Artists: 

Dr Draw and the Strange Parade 

Dr. Draw and The Strange Parade is a dynamic musical ensemble led by the pioneering Canadian electric violinist, Dr. Draw. With a captivating blend of groove-filled epic transcendental rock and world fusion, their music takes audiences on a mesmerizing sonic journey, infused with a sprinkle of gypsy flavour and a touch of disco mist. Their upcoming record, The Strange Parade, is complete and set to be released in the fall of 2023.  

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Thompson Egbo-Egbo 

Acclaimed Toronto composer and pianist, Thompson Egbo-Egbo is always in key. Deeply rooted in his upbringing – moving to Canada from Nigeria at age four, commencing his dedication to playing the piano at the age of six – his innate aptitude and affection for the instrument is as strong as ever to this day. After recieving degrees in music and production at both Humber College and Berklee College of Music, his trio released the album, A New Standard in 2018 which was Thompson’s debut on MNRK Music Group and sought to redefine the concept of the jazz standard, and included original takes on Radiohead, Bob Dylan and Laura Mvula tunes.Thompson is very involved in his community by being on the board at Jazz FM 91 and has created his own organization The Thompson T. Egbo-Egbo Arts Foundation and Evolving Through the Arts program. 

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Sammy Jackson 

Singer-songwriter Sammy Jackson is quickly becoming one of Canada's top vocalists, with a personal style that deftly blends jazz, pop, and R&B. With a resume that boasts a JUNO Award, collaborations with top artists such as Barbra Lica, Robi Botos, Rich Brown, and Larnell Lewis, and performances at some of Canada's most prestigious venues, including the Glenn Gould Studio, Koerner Hall, the TD Toronto Jazz Festival, and Westben. Jackson consistently captivates audiences with her singing, compositional accomplishments, and collaborative artistic spirit. Her latest EP – the JUNO-Award winning With You - is a sophisticated, intelligent, heartfelt portrait of a musician coming into her artistic prime, and features some of the top young musicians in Canada. 


Quincy Bullen and The Coin Collection

Quincy Bullen is an accomplished pianist, composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer. Extraordinarily talented, with a great sense of timing, Quincy 'wows audiences across Canada, the USA and the Caribbean. Along with Manny DeGrandis on bass and Graham Shaw on drums (The Coin Collective) you are in for a great night of blues and soul  music.

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