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COVID-19 Update 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there may be program disruptions, changes and facility closures. We continue to offer alternative ways to serve the community. Learn about Newmarket's approach to reopening and for current information and resources. For any inquiries, please email

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​​​​Throughout the Town of Newmarket, residents can enjoy a variety of outdoor recreational areas, including community and neighbourhood parks and parkettes. There are over 45 active parks and open spaces and over 800 acres of parkland in Newmarket! Picnic areas, trails, playgrounds, soccer pitches, ball diamonds, tennis courts and basketball courts can be found in various parks throughout the Town. As part of the Town's commitment to environmental sustainability, pesticides (insecticides, herbicides and fungicides) have been eliminated and culturally friendly practices have been adopted.

Winter activities in Parks 

The Town of Newmarket does not have any designated hills for  winter activities like tobogganing, skiing, ski bob or snowboarding and does not maintain any areas for winter activities. Please use outdoor areas at your own risk and follow these guidelines. 

Users must:
  • Check the hill. Make sure it is free of hazards (trees, rocks, fences, bumps). Choose a hill with a gentle slope and make sure that there is enough room to stop.
  • Make sure there is room at the bottom of the hill to stop – away from roads, or bodies of water.
  • Toboggan down the middle of the hill; use the sides to walk to the top.
  • Ensure your toboggan is in good condition. 
  • All children should be supervised by an adult.
  • Only toboggan with members of the same household.
  • Maintain 6ft./2m. at all times from others.
  • It is recommended that users wear a mask when tobogganing.

When buying a sled or toboggan, note any age restrictions. Carry only the recommended number of passengers on a toboggan. To help avoid frostbite, dress in layers and keep your head, ears and hands covered. Wear bright-coloured and reflective clothing. Scarves, drawstrings and long hair can get snagged - tuck these inside your coat. 

Take extra caution around lakes, rivers, streams and stormwater ponds 

Residents are reminded to take caution around local bodies of water such as Fairy Lake, the Holland River and storm water ponds. Although ice may appear thick enough to venture out on, it may not be. Use extreme caution and advise your children that ice is unsafe for skating or playing.

Newmarket has over 65 stormwater management ponds in Town which stores and treats rainwater. It's designed to prevent flooding, erosion and improve the quality of water before it is gradually released back into the nearest stream or river. Please take extra caution around all bodies of water and remind children to not play in the area. Stay off of any stormwater pond as they are not safe for use. 

The ponds may look safe, but it's what's below the surface that makes them different from regular ponds. As a result, water flow and water levels can fluctuate quickly without warning. 

Activities like skating, fishing, swimming or tobogganing are not allowed on any body of water in Newmarket. Please do not dump unwanted fish or aquarium pets in the stormwater ponds. Let's all do our part and protect the environment from the negative effects of stormwater.

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Newmarket parks, sport fields and other amenities within each park  

To learn more about booking a park or sport fields in the Town of Newmarket​​, view our bookings​ page. 

Newmarket Trails 
The Town of Newmarket ​offers more 44 kilometres of walking and biking trails linking more than 20 kilometres of trail from East Gwillimbury through to Aurora. Newmarket's vast trail system promotes a healthy lifestyle, reduces vehicle emissions by encouraging walking and cycling and brings the community together to enjoy the great outdoors.