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Garbage is collected every other week on your scheduled collection day. To determine your collection day, please check our online Recycle Coach app or refer to the Waste and Recycling Calendar

Remember to place waste containers at the curb no later than 7 a.m. on your scheduled collection day and no earlier than 5 p.m. the night before collection. Ensure that waste material set out for collection is in accordance with the Town's waste program requirements. Please remove emptied containers and any uncollected waste from the curb by 8 p.m. on collection day.

COVID-19 Waste Collection Reminders
  • Medical masks, gloves, and used tissues DO NOT belong in the Blue Box. Please place these items in the garbage.
  • Throw used tissues, latex gloves, and medical masks in a wastebasket lined with a plastic bag in the garbage.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water after throwing those items away as well as after emptying your waste basket.
  • Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available.
  • All garbage bags must be tied. Loose materials left in garbage containers will be left behind.
  • Help protect our GFL collection crews by ensuring your garbage bags are tied properly and that no loose material is placed into garbage containers.
  • For your safety and that of our waste collectors, it's vital that you respect physical distancing. Please keep a distance of 2 metres (6 feet) at all times.
  • For those who are sick or test positive for COVID-19: Place all disposable items that have come into contact with your mouth, nose or eyes into the garbage -- this includes recyclables such as plastic water bottles, pop cans or milk cartons, or compostables such as facial tissue or paper napkins.
  • Double-bag and place rapid at-home test kit materials in the garbage (please ensure bag is securely tied before placing in the garbage). Paper boxes and instructions can be placed in the Blue Box for recycling. Businesses must make arrangements with a private company to dispose of this item (click here for more information).

Collection Limits
Residents can place a maximum of three (3) garbage bags/containers at the curb every other week on your scheduled garbage collection day. Additional garbage bags/containers, up to a maximum of three (3), can be placed at the curb for collection provided each additional bag/container has a Town of Newmarket garbage tag attached. A total of 6 garbage bags/containers can be placed out for collection (3 untagged and 3 tagged bags/containers). Garbage tags must be visible to the collector and should be attached either around the neck of the bag or on the top garbage bag inside the container, not on the container itself.

Weight Limit
The maximum weight per garbage bag/container and its contents must not exceed 22 kg (50 lbs.).
Garbage Tags

Garbage tags are sold in quantities of five for $15 and can be purchased by contacting Customer Service at 905-953-5303 or emailing If you are sending an email, please include your phone number and our Customer Service Centre will be in touch with you regarding payment. Please do not email your payment information. The Town will send you your garbage tags by mail. 

Garbage tags are also available for purchase in-person at the Municipal Offices, Magna CentreRay Twinney Recreation Complex, Robert N. Shelton Operations Centre and Newmarket Public Library. Please note that only cashless transactions are accepted for all payments.

Acceptable Containers
  • A reusable container with open, rigid handles and a secure, removable lid that does not exceed 125 litres (33 gallons) in size. The container must not exceed 20 in. (50 cm) in diameter or 36 in. (90 cm) in height.
  • Black or green plastic bags (no clear bags) designed and sold for the purpose of containing garbage and securely tied so as to prevent any spillage. Plastic garbage bags must not exceed 26 in. x 36 in. (66 cm x 92 cm).

Please do not use ropes or bungee cords to secure lids.

Waste set-out Reminders
  • Place garbage bags/containers at the curb by 7 a.m. for collection on your scheduled garbage collection day. Do not place garbage bags/containers on the road or sidewalk as it may pose as a hazard to vehicular traffic and other residents. Proper placement will also help avoid damage to garbage containers and will reduce interference with Town operations.
  • Keep garbage bags/containers separate from your neighbours.
  • Do not overfill garbage containers.
  • During winter months, do not place garbage bags/containers on top of or behind snow banks as it can be difficult for the collection operator to access, and may cause waste material to spill onto the roadway.
  • The maximum weight per garbage bag/container and its contents must not exceed 22 kg (50 lbs.).
Loose or Un-bagged Material
Loose or un-bagged material (e.g. vacuum dust, dirt, etc.) in garbage containers pose as a health and safety hazard to the collection operator when in the process of dumping the material into the collection vehicle. If the collection operator feels the loose material may be a health and safety hazard, the collection operator will not collect and the garbage container will be stickered for that reason. Loose or un-bagged material can also create litter when the container is lifted (container is tipped up and over) into the truck.
Broken Glass
Broken glass in small amounts can be collected as garbage if placed separately in a cardboard box that is safely secured and clearly labelled "broken glass". Glass can rip through garbage bags and pose as a health and safety hazard to the collection operator when in the process of dumping the material into the vehicle. If the collection operator feels the broken glass may be a health and safety hazard, the driver will not collect. Large amounts can be dropped off as garbage at a York Region Waste Depot for proper disposal (disposal fees apply).
Toilet Collection Reminder
Toilets can be placed out for collection on your scheduled garbage collection day as one item towards the three item limit. Please remember to detach the bowl from the tank and ensure that the toilet has been drained properly before placing the item at the curb.
Furnace Filters
Furnace filters must be properly disposed (bagged) for garbage collection. Furnace filters are not recyclable and do not belong in the blue box.

Tire Recycling
Tires are not collected curbside in the Town of Newmarket. Tires can be recycled for free (limits apply) at select York Region waste facilities and Community Environmental Centres (CEC) as well as at participating retailers (check out York Region's Bindicator for a list of participating retailer locations).
Construction Waste
Construction waste is not accepted in the Town's curbside waste and recycling program. Construction waste (e.g. drywall, concrete, wood, etc.) can be taken to the Georgina Waste Transfer Station or to a York Region Community Environmental Centre for proper disposal (disposal fees apply).
Carpet and Linoleum
Carpet and linoleum will be picked up on your scheduled garbage day, provided it is cut up and securely tied in rolls/bundles weighing less than 50 lbs and no longer than 1.2 metres (4 ft.) each. Each roll/bundle counts as one item towards the three item limit. Additional rolls/bundles, up to a maximum of three (3), can be placed at the curb for collection provided each additional roll/bundle has a Town of Newmarket garbage tag attached.
Medications, Prescriptions and Sharps

Medications, prescriptions and sharps (needles and syringes) are household hazardous waste and must not be placed in your garbage, green bin or blue box and must not be disposed of down the drain. These items can be dropped off at participating pharmacies or a York Region Household Hazardous Waste Depot for safe disposal. Please note that needles and syringes must be placed in puncture-proof containers. For more information, visit

Missed Waste Collection
For missed waste collection or waste collection inquiries, please contact Green for Life (GFL) at 1-866-421-5625 or via email at
Oops Sticker
If you received an 'oops' sticker, please visit Green for Life's (GFL) 'oops' sticker page for more information.

For more information on what goes where, check out Newmarket's Recycle Coach app or York Region's Bindicator.