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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Town of Newmarket issues a number of licences. View our license application requirements for more information on the requirements for your license.

License, application or permit Type                                    Application form (if applicable)

More information

Adult Entertainment Parlours (For owners and entertainers) Adult Entertainment Parlours Application By-law
Adult Video Rental Outlets Adult Video Rental Outlet Application Form N/A
Agent authorization form (required by applicants who are submitting a building permit application on behalf of the owner/tenant) Agent Authorization Application FormN/A
Amusement Devices Amusement Devices Application Form By-law
Animal Licensing and Registration N/A By-law
Applicable Law application (required for provincial statue and regulation certificates)

Applicable Law Application Form 


Application for a permit to construct or demolish a building Construct or demolish a building Application Form  Information​​
Also the application form to install a sanitary backwater valve. 
Bingo Licences N/A Information
Billiards and Pool Tables Billiards and Pool Tables Application Form By-law
Birth Certificates N/A Information
Body Rub Parlours Body Rub Parlours Application Form By-law
Bowling Alleys Bowling Alleys application Form By-law
Building Forms and Permits Building Forms and Permits Building and renovating information
Business Licensing​ Business Licensing Application Form Business Licensing​
Carnivals Carnivals Permit Application Form By-law
Catering and Refreshment vehicles (Owners and operators) Catering and Refreshments vehicles Application Form By-law
Celebration Bench Celebration Bench Application Form Information
Celebration Tree Celebration Tree Application Form Information
​Clothing Donation Bins

​Clothing Donation Bin Application Form

Owner Consent Form

Property Owner Consent Form

Clothing Donation Bin Additional Location Application Form

​Curb Cut (Driveway Widening)Curb Cut Application FormInformation
Death Certificate N/AVisit Death Registration and Certificates page for more information
​Driving School Instructor
Driving School Instructor Application Form 
Energy Efficiency Compliance checklist pt. 9 (non-residential) form Energy Efficiency Compliance check list FAQ
Film Permit Filming Application Form and PackageVisit the Film Permit page for more information
Fireworks (Sales and displays) Fireworks (Sales and Display) Application Form By-law
Foreign Divorce Kit  N/A More information​ 
General Review Commitment Certificate and Owner's Letter of Undertaking (required if building project design and general review are undertaken by an architect and/or engineer) Letter of Undertaking Application Form 

Hawkers and Pedlars


Hawkers and Pedlars Application Form By-law
Loud Speakers Loud Speakers Application Form By-law
Lottery Licensing   
Marriage Licence's and Civil Marriage Ceremonies Marriage License Application Form N/A
Newspapers Boxes Newspaper Boxes Application Form By-law
Nevada License's N/A  N/A
Outdoor serving area Outdoor Serving Area Application Form By-law
​Outdoor restaurant patio
​Patio Web Page
Economic Development​
Planning Forms and Applications Planning related application forms Application Process
Pre-Authorized Payment Forms for taxes Pre-Authorized Payment Form Information 
Raffle Licences​ Raffle License Application Form Information
​Refreshment Vehicle
Refreshment Owner Application Form
Refreshment Operator Application Form

Refund Policy form (Building Department) Refund Policy Form 
Residential Energy Efficiency compliance check list form Residential Energy Efficiency compliance check list form 
Residential Mechanical Ventilation and Heating Cooling Design Summary form

Residential Mechanical Ventilation and Heating, Cooling design summary form


Information  ​
Requirements for demolition of a building permit form

Demolition of a Building Permit Form


Road Closure Application Forms

Temporary Construction Road Closure

Social Event Road Closure Form  (without Intersection)

Social Event Road Closure Form (including Intersection(s))

Road Occupancy Permit

Road Occupancy Form



Second hand goods, shops and dealers Second hand goods, shops and dealers Application Form By-law
Sign Permit Sign Permit Application Form​ ​By-law 
​Special Event Organizer License
Special Event Organizer License

Swimming Pool Enclosure  Swimming Pool Enclosure Permit Application Form​ By-law 
​TaxicabTaxi Broker License Application
Taxi Driver License Application
Taxi Vehicle Transfer Application
Veteran's Memorial Walkway Veteran's Memorial Walkway Application Form Information
Water forms Water Rebate Application Form​ N/A


The Town also provides birth, death and marriage certificate application forms.


Visit the Municipal Offices, Legislative Services department for information or a hard copy of the application you require.


The fees associated with licensing​ services are available in the 2018 fee schedule.

The fees associated with permits are available in the general fee schedule